Herti Pharmacy and Drugstore

Our pharmacy Herti Apotheke und Drogerie is located in Zug West, you find us in the Hertizentrum in Zug. The Herti Apotheke and Drogerie pharmacy is a classic swiss pharmacy offering conventional and complementary drugs and products. A lot of products are normally in stock otherwise we are able to order it for you twice a day.

In our Pharmacy we fill prescriptions and we sell over the counter. We recommend to talk about your Situation and often it’s helpful getting a advice of a pharmacist. We have a homedelivery-service and a lot of services! Let us know, what you are looking for and contact us! 

The Hertizentrum and our Pharmacy Herti Apotheke und Drogerie is in reconstruction at the moment, the new modern pharmacy opens 15th of October 2020. Till than, we are happy to welcome you in our small pharmacy near the parking spaces. Now, we are in a tiny, sympatic shop now, our product range is wide and a lot of products are available. 



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